Welcome to the TE SOLEY Foundation

The Tesoley Foundation is a private and autonomous institution with no profit-making purpose or political affiliation


Mission Statement

The Foundation aims to promote education so that underprivileged children find a school in Haiti that succeeds and allows them to develop their talents.
The foundation’s objective is to make available to the schoolchildren for whom it provides education, a quality pedagogical instruction by using, among other things, new technologies in the field of telecommunications.
It will give priority to programs in the field of personal development, health, diet,  art, sport and culture within a structured and regulated framework.
The foundation’s mission, through its activities, is to promote peace and tolerance. It is based on the principle that both physical and dietary security can promote self-esteem, dignity, pride, community life and
civic responsibility in children. By developing the artistic sense in every child it is possible to end the cycle of violence and poverty.

TE SOLEY School Project

Mario Bollag lived in Haiti in the late 70s for a few years, working in the tourism and visual art sectors. He witnessed the gradual demise of Haiti after the years of cruel and authoritarian if halfway stable Duvalier regimes. Corruption and doomed policies from Haitian politicians as well as foreign countries contributed to an almost complete economic and social collapse.
The article of the New York Times describes todays situation in Haiti quite accurately…

How You Can Help

Fondation TE SOLEY
US$ -account: 700-1322-1745962



Besides raising money thru grants and donations,  Tè Solèy also looks for business partners, who seek opportunities in the field of social entrepreneurship: The key words here are: organic, sustainable and fair trade.There is no funding by Tè Solèy for any project that does not directly benefit the Hatian people.

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